Asbestos Roof Shingles: Are They Problematic?

Asbestos roof shingles were once marketed as a supreme service. Today, it is an infamous public health concern if not handled properly. Asbestos roof shingles are made from fibers that are an effective insulator and create stronger plastic, paper cloth, and other materials. The downside? The danger of asbestos, as found by The Environmental Protection Agency, is that exposure can cause a greater chance of developing harmful health effects such as lung disease.

Why was asbestos used in roof shingles? For many reasons. A few of these were:

· Durability

· Lightweight

· Inexpensive alternative

· Fireproof

The presence of asbestos in your home is not necessarily hazardous. What will create hazardous living conditions will depend on if the material becomes damaged, leading to asbestos becoming airborne. This will cause the release of fibers that can cause a health hazard.

Dangers of Asbestos Removal

Most state and local ordinances have laws governing asbestos shingles and their removal. Disposal by anyone other than a licensed and certified asbestos contractor may be prohibited. Additionally, if you are looking to install an AC and your home has asbestos roof shingles it is important to let your service provider know. Installing an AC in a home with asbestos roof tiles will not necessarily cause any immediate concerns. The concerns will only arise if the tiles are not in pristine condition. If the tiles are in like-new condition they can be ignored for the time being, but eventually, they will need to be replaced.

If you are unsure of the condition of your asbestos roof tiles or are looking to remove asbestos, call us at Branch Services, a certified asbestos roofing and siding company. Just be sure to let us know asbestos will be involved so we can prepare!