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Asbestos Roof Shingles: Are They Problematic?

Asbestos roof shingles were once marketed as a supreme service. Today, it is an infamous public health concern if not handled properly. Asbestos roof shingles are made from fibers that are an effective insulator and create stronger plastic, paper cloth, and other materials. The downside? The danger of asbestos, as found by The Environmental Protection… Read more »

Mold in HVAC Systems: What You Need to Know

Mold is a common problem in many homes and buildings, with HVAC systems being a prime breeding ground for these harmful microorganisms. In this blog post, we’ll explore what causes mold in HVAC systems, how to identify it, and what you can do to prevent it. What Causes Mold in HVAC Systems? Mold thrives in… Read more »

Home Mold Remediation

Containing water and lowering the humidity in of your home is the best way to avoid mold growth. If you read this blog, you already know that mold thrives in environments where there is water in the air. Mold is able to grow on any surface or substance as long as there is moisture. With… Read more »

Flood Damage Cleanup: What to Do When Water Damage Hits

Flood damage cleanup can be difficult. We recommend calling a professional! While our current hurricane season has been relatively quiet, we’ve still seen high tides and strong winds that can drive water into homes. With hurricanes and Nor’easters, much of the damage you hear about isn’t from the wind; it’s the water damage. While storms… Read more »

Air Conditioner Leaks and How to Stop Them

Whether your air conditioner is housed in the attic or not, you may have experienced an air conditioner leak. If you have a leak this can cause water to enter ceilings, walls, and flooring. This is not only a mess, but it can also cause water damage and mold damage to your home that requires… Read more »

What Do You Do if Lightning Strikes? Call Branch Services!

Summer lightning storms are beautiful, but lightning can also do significant damage to your home. A lightning storm can cause severe damage to your home if it is struck by a lightning bolt. This bolt can send an electric current through your home, causing a fire as a result of the surge of electricity. To… Read more »

Backyard Safety Tips

Summer is finally here and we know that you’re eager to get outside, enjoy the fresh air, and spend some time in your backyard. Sadly, sometimes accidents can occur outside and spoil your fun. Here is a list of some common backyard dangers to keep an eye out for: Swimming Pools An essential part of… Read more »

Keeping Houseplants Free of Mold

If you’re a regular reader of our blog then you surely know the dangers of mold and how difficult the process to remove it from your home can be. So it is important to consider all potential sources of mold, even those that may be more inconspicuous than others.  While houseplants are renowned for their… Read more »

Beware of Spring Flooding!

The weather is warming up, but before you get ready to head outside and enjoy it, it is important to make sure your home or office is safe from torrential rains and flooding. Water damage can result in real harm to your property’s value and structural integrity. Floods are becoming more and more frequent across… Read more »

Breathing Easier: Mold Remediation

We’ve all seen mold. Mold is a woolly growth produced by a fungus, especially on moist or decaying surfaces. It can usually be found in dark or steamy areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, and spaces with poor ventilation. Damp basements, leaks in pipes or roofs, and any standing water can create a haven for mold. When mold… Read more »