What Do You Do if Lightning Strikes? Call Branch Services!

Summer lightning storms are beautiful, but lightning can also do significant damage to your home.

A lightning storm can cause severe damage to your home if it is struck by a lightning bolt. This bolt can send an electric current through your home, causing a fire as a result of the surge of electricity.

To help you prevent a lightning fire Branch Services wants to give you some quick advice on the dangers of lightning strikes and how to prevent lightning strikes in the future.

What Happens When a Lightning Bolt Strikes a House?

Lightning is an electrical discharge caused by electrical imbalances between storm clouds and the ground, or within the clouds themselves. During a storm colliding particles increase the imbalance between storm clouds and the ground, causing lightning to strike the ground in an attempt to negate the imbalance. Searching for the shortest distance to the ground, large trees and houses are especially vulnerable to lightning strikes. When lightning strikes a house it can go through electrical lines, water pipes, phone lines, or anything else that can conduct massive amounts of electricity. There are three main dangers you should be prepared for if lightning strikes your home.

Three Main Dangers:

  • A house fire
  • Shockwave damage
  • Power surge damage

How Can You Prevent a House Fire?

One of the most complete ways to prevent a lightning fire is to invest in a protection system to be installed by a professional. Electrical rods (or lightning rods) can direct the surge of power to the ground and away from your property. You should also be sure to unplug all electrical devices to avoid having surges damage your gadgets and gizmos.

Remember to turn off your water if the storm is to be significant and unplug your TVs and computers as well! 

Branch Services is here to help if you have suffered lightning damage or would like an assessment to see how prepared you are for a storm. Give us a call today at 631.467.6600.