How Is Mold Graded?

Mold spores are everywhere. You can’t get away from them; and when they take hold and begin to grow, they can pollute the air and cause issues for both people and pets. In addition to the damage, mold can do to your body, mold can also damage your home, gradually wearing away at the home’s structural integrity, and attacking walls, floors, or ceilings. 

If you see mold it is important to act quickly, but not knowing how bad a situation is can make it difficult to do so. Knowing the mold levels in your home helps bring clarity to the situation and lets you know how best to tackle it. 

Most industry experts divide the different stages of mold growth or damage into five distinct levels. Level one is the lowest degree of contamination, and four is the highest. The fifth level refers to a specific location for mold growth that can be especially complicated. Branch Services wants to share with you the standards for mold levels in the house.

Level 1:

This level is reserved for mold growth that has been contained to 10 square feet or less. Typically it can be found on ceiling tiles or wall panels that are exposed to high humidity or fluctuations in temperature. Fortunately, if caught quickly, the mold can be removed with relative ease. This is the type of mold you may find on bathroom tiles or walls. 

Level 2:

Contaminated areas of 10–30 square feet. If the mold has spread to cover a space over 10 square feet, it may hint at a more significant issue with plumbing or air conditioning systems—but not always. Typically there will be a source for all the moisture that may be difficult to find.

Level 3:

Covering a space between 30 to 100 square feet, the 3rd level is the stage where you should start to worry. With such a large portion of the building being covered in mold, the house would now need to be tested. Contacting a professional cleaning service (like us here at Branch Services) should be your first step.

Level 4:

Any contamination that extends to over 100 square feet will require professional remediation. Also, at this level, any person with repository issues would need to evacuate, so cleaning professionals can get to work using materials to remove the excessive contamination.

Level 5:

Level 5 is specifically for HVAC systems. All remediation procedures for air conditioning units and HVAC systems also require a professional cleaning service. As a result of the level of contamination, the entire system will necessitate a shutdown as the professionals clean the area thoroughly.

Regardless of the level, if your home has issues with mold you should contact a professional cleaning service as soon as possible. Branch Services is here 24/7 at 1.631.467.6600. You can also email us at