Dealing With Mold in Your Home

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) our indoor environment is two to five times as toxic as the outdoor environment. One of the causes of toxins in our environment comes from mold. Mold can cause allergies, eye irritation, skin and throat irritation, nasal stuffiness, and other health problems; it also can lead to the destruction of building materials within the home. To prevent mold growth it is vital to assess and address high humidity levels in your home. Mold can grow on any surface where there is a moisture problem. Bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, basements, and crawl spaces bode the perfect settings for a mold problem. Worse, other areas may also develop issues. 

Improperly vented clothes dryers can release humidity into the air, so it is important to make sure your dryer is properly vented to an outdoor area. Similarly, it is important to ensure that the exhaust fan in your bathroom is working properly and the vents steam to the outside. To further aid in preventing mold growth in the bathroom you may want to open a window to let some of the steam escape after a shower. It’s possible to see mold in the form of mildew on wall and ceiling tiles, as well as other types of mold in more hidden places like under the sink. 

Fresh air is key to keeping mold from growing in your home. Open doors and windows relatively often to aid in air exchange. In the summer, running your air conditioner can help to lower humidity levels, in turn allowing it to remove water from the air while simultaneously cooling the area. An air conditioning system is essential in helping keep mold out of your home.

Should you have a flood or a leak in your home be sure to remove water-damaged materials as soon as possible and go to the hardware store to get supplies to fix the cause of the water damage. Leaks need to be addressed right away and items such as carpet and drywall may have to be thrown away if they become moldy. Small spills and leaks can sometimes be fixed at home, however, if the damage is severe you may need to contact a mold remediation company.