Spring Home Maintenance Tips

After all the rain and cold this winter, we’re all looking forward to a bright, sunny spring. However, along with spring comes spring home chores. Avoiding them is tempting, but by taking a little bit of time to go over this spring maintenance checklist you can save a lot of headaches in the future. 

Follow these home maintenance tips to make sure your house is ready for spring!

Check the Roof

Spring is a good time to inspect your roof. Winter snow and ice can damage shingles, as can the hot summer sun. To make sure your roof is ready for spring and summer rains check the shingles to ensure that none were lost or damaged during winter storms. Additionally, if there are cracked or buckled shingles you will likely need to repair or replace them. To go that extra mile, have the flashing around skylights and vents examined by a professional roofer. 

Examine Gutters and Downspouts

Gutters are your foundation’s first line of defense. Improper drainage can lead to costly repairs as water is directed through your foundation toward your crawl space or basement. Water damage can happen quickly, so make sure to give your gutters a real spring clean clear out, and make sure that they aren’t loose or leaky. 

Check Hoses and Your Sprinkler System

Cold weather can do a number on your sprinkler system if it isn’t drained properly. When restarting your system open the main valve very slowly to allow your system to fill with water gradually. High-pressure surges can cause them to crack or burst. If you have garden hoses outside be sure to check them for dry rot as well. 

Inspect Windows and Doors

Check screens for holes that may lead to a pest control problem once the weather breaks. Be sure the weather stripping on doors is still in good shape and not cracked from the cold. You’ll be wasting air conditioning and allowing bugs in if they are. 

Service Your Cooling System

Finally, you’re going to want your air conditioning system in tip-top form once summer is here, so now is the time to have a technician come to service your cooling unit. Making sure the coils are clean and unobstructed and that it’s functioning efficiently will help with your energy bills later in the season.