Outdoor Fire Safety

Fire pits are wonderful in the fall. They can be beautiful to look at, and sitting around one with friends makes for a perfect fall evening (not to mention the s’ mores!). With more and more people adding a fire pit to their backyard landscaping it’s important to go over some safety tips when having an outdoor fire. 

Keep Your Distance.

Make sure your fire pit is at least 10 feet from any structure, such as a house or shed. Keep flammable liquids far away from your fire pit, and never leave your fire unattended. 

Keep an Eye Out.

If you have children in the yard with your fire, make sure their outdoor activities are kept a good distance away from the fire. Accidents can and do happen and children are as attracted to fire as adults, so watch them closely if they want to sit around the fire. 

Prepare the Area.

Cleanup around the fire pit is important. Make sure there are no leaves or branches that can catch fire if a spark lands outside the pit. You may want to dampen the ground around the pit before lighting your fire for further fire safety. 

Use the Right Fuel.

Never use flammable liquids like lighter fluid to start a fire. Instead, use crumpled paper or kindling and make sure you use seasoned woods. Never use construction materials like pressure-treated wood or plywood, as they can release toxic fumes when burned. Make sure logs are smaller than the fire pit so they don’t tumble out accidentally. This can cause grass, leaves, and other debris to catch fire and that fire can spread quickly—particularly on a windy day. 

Put It Out. 

When you’re done with your fire make sure to extinguish it properly. If you have a metal or ceramic fire pit water can damage it, so review the instructions it came with before using a hose.