Moving Past the Flames: Fire Damage Restoration | Soot and Smoke Removal

Fire Damage Restoration

You’ve heard the expression “where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”  The team at Branch Services wants to remind you that where there’s fire, there’s smoke.  And soot.  And odor.  And, in most cases, water damage and flooding from firefighting efforts.

Fire not only destroys what it touches, but its dangerous smoke and soot adhere to walls, carpets, cabinets, furniture, ceilings, floors, and counter-tops.  Smoke leaves behind hard-to-fight stains and odors.  Fire and smoke can destroy glass, tarnish metals, and damage your electrical wiring, plumbing, and appliances. Long-term exposure to air containing soot can increase the risk of heart disease. The water or chemicals used to extinguish a fire can also cause major problems.

Fire Remediation Process

When a fire devastates your home, recovering and restoring your possessions may seem impossible.  This is where the fire remediation pros at Branch Services come in.  Time is of the essence, so it’s crucial that you contact our team right away.  Our process begins the moment our experts arrive at your home. First, we examine the framing of your house and sub-floors for structure safety. Then we closely inspect your entire home to assess the nature and extent of the damage.  We will create a plan of action, and estimate how much repairs will cost and how long they will take.

Next, we start the removal of all charred or unsalvageable items and debris.  Because water damage can cause health issues, we will promptly remove any standing water by using submersible pumps and wet/dry vacuums (aka shop vacs). Affected areas will then be dried and sanitized.

Branch Services provides detailed soot sponge cleaning of all affected areas.  We also handle the dry cleaning of upholstered items, linens, apparel, etc.  Deodorization of all affected areas ensures the removal of any odors that can linger after the smoke has been in the room. This might involve carpet cleaning, and will often need to address adjacent rooms as well as those directly affected by fire damage. This will make your belongings useable again, and it will also prevent health issues.  This process will involve the use of many different cleaning appliances and industrial equipment.  Finally, we will begin the restoration of salvageable carpets, rugs, furniture, documents, fine artwork and electronics.

Losing precious possessions to a fire can cause significant emotional distress. Rebuilding after a fire is not without its challenges.  However, with the help of the highly skilled fire remediation professionals at Branch Services, your house, and its contents can be restored to their original state of safety, comfort and allure.

Immediate action is the key to recovery and restoration.  After your call, Branch Services arrives promptly to help minimize damage and begin the restoration process.  Our talented and caring technicians are determined to get you and your house back to normalcy as soon as possible.  We provide 24/7 emergency services, and our ultimate goal is to return beauty to your home and peace of mind to you and your family.