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Mold Remediation

Leaks in pipes, damp basements, condensation, roof leaks, and any standing water situation, can create a mold condition. Mold can grow in a short period of time and is almost impossible for property owners to fully remove on their own with limited knowledge of proper procedures and consumer-available products. Left untreated, mold can cause health problems as well as property damage. Wherever mold exists, no matter how hard to reach, Branch Services, Inc. takes immediate action.

This includes:
  • H.E.P.A. vacuuming
  • Biocide cleaning and/or removal of interior surfaces
  • Disposal or decontamination of contaminated contents
  • Application of a mold/mildew resistant encapsulant
  • Air purification through ozone treatments
Mold Remediation Mold Remediation