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Branch Services is a full service disaster restoration/environmental services company that performs all phases of restoration, remediation and reconstruction. Handling commercial, industrial and residential business, our primary services include:

Located on Long Island, Branch Services has performed remediation and restoration services for various entities, including: local county offices, school districts, libraries, hospitals, apartment, commercial buildings and residential properties.

Our staff can handle any size project, no matter how big or small, at any time. One of our largest and most demanding projects included the clean-up following the unfortunate events of 9/11 at the World Trade Center in New York City.

Our experienced, trained and conscientious staff members work together to complete each project cost effectively and to the client's complete satisfaction.

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Branch Services offers a wide range of property damage solutions.
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Asbestos is common in many older buildings, both residential and commercial, and can be a hazard for both occupants, and the people hired to remove it. Be sure to hire certified professionals when evaluating buildings and residences with suspected asbestos contamination.


Fire creates more than destruction. It leaves behind soot, chemicals, and water that can cause mold, even in areas of the home untouched by flames. A fast cleanup means more of your precious items can be salvaged. Branch Services responds immediately with a team of professionals to begin the restoration process quickly.


Lead can be found in paint and other construction materials in older buildings and is now considered a hazardous material. Branch Services can safely, legally, and completely remove lead hazards from your home or commercial building.


Water can cause extensive property damage if not addressed quickly, and mold can take hold in a matter of hours. Our 24-hour emergency team can respond around the clock to mitigate as much property damage as possible.


Whether caused by a leaky pipe, or just a lack of ventilation, excess water can cause a dangerous mold issue. Call Branch Services if you suspect mold in your house or business and we can provide a thorough evaluation, and cleanup, if necessary.


When fire, flooding, mold or oil has created a need for reconstruction, Branch Services can handle everything from applying a simple coat of paint to adding an addition to your home or business.